Welcome to Rissman

As we approach the Firm’s 50th anniversary, our new brand is a reflection of where we've been —and, more importantly, where we're going next.

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Rissman Resolves

Let’s start a Resolution

We resolve to listen to what our clients want. We resolve to understand their business objectives. We resolve to know this landscape better than anyone else out there. And ultimately, we resolve to deliver better outcomes.

With five offices and more than 75 lawyers navigating the nuances and demands of insurance defense, we have cultivated an approach that's truly distinct – one focused on delivering results for our clients. Our new brand is a reflection of that approach.

Steve Rissman

Our Practices

A Focused Approach

Some firms prefer to offer every service under the sun. Not us. We've aligned two powerful practices—Workers' Compensation Defense and Liability Defense—under one umbrella from the beginning. And this dual practice approach has proven to meet our clients’ needs with exceptional results — and we are ready for more.

Workers’ Compensation Defense

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Workers’ Compensation Defense

With Rissman, resolution is within reach. Our workers’ compensation practice is a powerful partner to corporations, self-insureds, insurance companies, and those they insure.

Our firm is widely considered the premier workers’ compensation firm in Florida. Our team is regularly involved in defending the most complex of cases from investigation to resolution. No one resolves cases as timely as we do. We deliver results our clients rely on for their success.


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Liability Defense

With Rissman, resolution is within reach. Our liability defense practice is wholly dedicated to delivering results for corporations, self-insureds, insurance companies, and those they insure.

Our firm is extensively involved in the defense of civil litigation matters in state and federal courts at both the trial and appellate levels. We represent clients in all types of personal injury and wrongful death cases. We are trial lawyers. In a field where more than ever results matter, we deliver every day for our clients.

Our Promise

Rissman Resolves

In the landscape of insurance defense, intricacy runs deep and the stakes are incredibly high—especially in Florida. Whether navigating workers' compensation matters, medical malpractice concerns, automobile liability, or premises liability cases, Rissman resolves to deliver what clients need most: RESULTS.

We are building a new website experience to highlight our team, our vision, and above all, our results.